PDF Archive

Does your product not match the datasheets on the product details page? Or can you not even find your product within our product portfolio? You may have a previous version of a product or a product that is no longer in production. In that case, the PDF archive is the right solution for you.

From this archive, you can download datasheets of previous versions of products as well as products that are no longer in production. The datasheets of current products are available on the product details page.

EduBoard C2P0001 C2P0001R05_datasheet
SolderBoard C2P0002 C2P0002R01_datasheet
BasicBoard C2P0014 C2P0014R01_datasheet
CreativeBoard C2P0020 C2P0020R01_datasheet C2P0020_firmware
GameBoard C2P0021 C2P0021R01_datasheet C2P0021_firmware
FaceBoard C2P0022 C2P0022R02_datasheet C2P0022_firmware
PowerBoard C2P0023 C2P0023R01_datasheet
StarBoard C2P0024 C2P0024R00_datasheet
MegaBoard C2P0028 C2P0028R01_datasheet
ProfiBoard C2P0029 C2P0029R01_datasheet
ExpertBoard C2P0030 C2P0030R01_datasheet
HeartBoard C2P0031 C2P0031R00_datasheet